So and such, too and enough

So and such, too and enough

17th Aug 2021

So and such

They take the following structures :

Form                                             Example                              

with an adjective :                        

so + adjective + that                      Jack is so good that he was made younger

with a noun

so + many/much + noun + that      Jack sells so many cars that he was made manager.

such + a/an + adjective +noun

+ that                                             Jack is such a good worker that he was made manager
such + adjective + plural noun

+ that                                             Jack gets such good results that he was made manager

such + a lot of + noun + that          Jack makes such a lot of money for the company that he

                                                       was made manager.

with an adverb:

so + adverb + that                          Jack works so well that he was made manager.


too and enough

We use too to describe the negative effect of having mor than necessary. We use enough to describe the effects of having/not having the right amount of something.

Form                                                         Example

with an adjective:

too + adjective (+full infinitive)                   It's too cold to work in the garden.

adjective + enough (+full infinitive)            Paula isn't patient enough to work as a teacher.

with a noun:

too + many/much + noun (+full

infinitive)                                                    Lukas works too many hours to have any hobbies.

enough + noun (+full infinitive)                  We don't have enough money to pay our bills.

with an adverb:

too + adverb (+full infinitive)                      I got there too late to see the manager.

adverb + enough (+full infintive)               Olivier did the work quickly enough to finish half an   

                                                                 hour early.