Avez vous un peu de temps de faire notre test ?

9th Aug 2019

Avant la reprise, essayez de faire notre test afin de connaître votre niveau d'anglais :



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La différence entre "schedule" et "timetable"?

23rd Jun 2019

A timetable is a list of times at which certain stages are reached, or events, lessons,etc. take place.

"Schedule" can also be used for this, but has a wider variety of meanings, e.g. a work programme, a list of items or tasks to be performed within a set period, or in legal documents an appendix to the main text (now more commonly described as an "annex" following the European convention).


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"Poll" or "vote" ?

10th Jun 2019

The difference between vote and poll

A "vote" is an individual expression of choice, whereas "poll" is the system whereby votes are collected. Hence a motion is put to the vote, but a poll is conducted by obtaining the votes (or opinions) of a number of people.


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For example or for instance?

3rd Jun 2019

There isn't any difference in the actual meaning between "for example" and "for instance", but in the way you use them, i.e. "for example" relates to specific things, whereas "for instance" relates to situations or events.

Thus you might say "garden birds, for example robins", but on the other hand "for instance, unlike many birds, robins are present in our gardens all year round".

Again, you can make an "example" of someone, but not an "instance".

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